Since welding technology represents very important part of our primary activities, we believe that it has to be considered in organised way, with special attention to details. Quality and reliability of the weld has direct impact on our customer's production process and final product and, therefore, nothing can be conceded to chance.


Our production processes assume and ordinarily apply following welding procedures:

Besides welding, in our production processes we also apply following related processes:

Welding procedures are regularly tested and certified according to norms and requirements for given product (such as norms from HRN EN ISO 15614 array). welders and operators are certified according to HRN EN 287-1, HRN EN 1418 i ASME Section IX norms. If required, or on special customers request, certification of the welders and welding procedures can be carried out according to other norms.


ROSING performs welding work on piping, various metal constructions, process equipment, as well as on pressure equipment. All welding construction work is performed according to project documentation, and in compliance with valid legislation and norms. We have certificate according to HRN EN ISO 3834-3 for production and installation of pressure equipment, piping and metal constructions, issued by authorised body for conformity assessment for pressure equipment. In our work we use only certified base, additional and auxiliary welding material.


According to project documentation requirements, welding processes are checked using non-intrusive methods. Some of the control is ordinarily done by us and, if required, we can also hire other certified companies which can do it for us. Also, if required, we can arrange for intrusive material and weld testing in certified laboratories.


In our welding work we normally use our own technological documentation, or documentation prepared by customer. Work is performed in our workshop and / or on the site. Coordinator of all welding work has certificate of specialisation in welding (IWE - International Welding Engineer / EWE - European Welding Engineer).


For production and installation of the steel piping of category I and II, we have Certificate for autonomous internal production control with final evaluation monitoring according to module A1 and in accordance to Pressure equipment regulations (N.N. 58/10). Depending on the project documentation requirements, supervision over welding work can also be handed to certified companies, all in compliance with regulations for individual equipment.


Besides welding work on new objects and plants or in our workshop on production of new equipment, we also perform the work on renewal and repairs of metal constructions during their service time (piping, pressure equipment, kettles, process equipment).



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