Piping installation in process and energetic plants since long time seized to consist of plain connection between points A and B. Supporting industry has evolved along with modern technologies in production processes, thus placing new, better and more specialized materials to the market. Together with well acquaintance with these materials, responsible and capable engineer must also master knowledge of existing regulations and standards, as well as with appropriate software which becomes equally indispensable and welcome tool. Only when all of these prerequisites are fulfilled, true engineering process can begin. Based on requirements of purpose, medium, flow velocities, pressure, temperature and environment conditions on given location, as well as on actual position of the piping, appropriate dimension, quality and traces are chosen. In the same time number, position, form and tightening system for the supporting is calculated, and layout plan for the individual piping position on the supporting is produced. Any proper documentation, along with calculation and schemes also includes technical drawings of individual sections as well as appropriate welding technologies and procedures. Project of the piping obtained in such way is in fact result of team work which will serve as guarantee for long term reliable service.









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